How to Achieve Zoom Full HD (1080p, 1920×1080) Delivery with OBS, Support for 4K!

Jun Kudo
3 min readMay 8, 2020



Here’s how to achieve Full HD (1080p, 1920×1080) delivery in Zoom.
Currently, meetings on Zoom are limited to 360p and the image quality is very poor.For this case, we are considering the case where image quality is required, for example, when we want to display the text clearly in webinars or in educational settings.

It is also possible to distribute without OBS.

OBS Settings

I will spare you a detailed description of OBS.
Also, OBS-VirtualCam must be installed beforehand.

Set the scene to be delivered first.

Set the video output scaling to 1920x1080 from Settings.

Start OBS-VirtualCam.
This completes the configuration of the OBS side.

Prepare for delivery on Zoom

You don’t need to change any particular settings in Zoom.

Turn off the camera.
Then click Share Screen.

Select Advanced and then select and share Content from 2nd Camera.

Click Switch Camera at the top to select OBS-Camera.
(Full screen display can be removed by double-clicking.)

If you select a camera such as a full HD webcam instead of OBS, you can share the full HD camera video.
That’s all you need to do to prepare the Zoom side for distribution.

Checking the image quality on the user side

If you check the image quality on the user side (using an instance with a thick line on Azure), you can see that it is displayed in full HD.

It’s 1920×1080 and comes out at 24fps. This is a number in very good condition. Depending on the condition of the line, it may be jerky.

(Sorry, This UI is japanese)

If you compare it with a normal meeting screen, you can see that the picture quality is very good.


If you want to broadcast in full HD, you can use the share function to improve the image quality.
However, since you are using screen sharing, you need to consider that the screen will be fixed.
If you still want to do high quality delivery, why not try it out?



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