How to add translation feature to Online meetings using PowerPoint in Zoom and Microsoft Teams.


Recently, I think we’ve seen more opportunities to teleconference with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc. for remote work. I may have more opportunities to have meetings with people from overseas. As a Japanese author who doesn’t speak English, I would like to show you how to use PowerPoint Online’s translation capabilities for video conferencing.
This article uses English as an example, but it can be done in other languages as well.
This can be set up in both directions so that both parties can have a conversation in their native language.

(Note: Currently PowerPoint does not support cat language.)


Please refer to the following for detailed PowerPoint settings.


It has been translated from English into Japanese.
I am speaking as follows.

How are you?
My name is Jun Kudo.

I checked it out with Zoom.

(ジョン is not Jun. hahaha…)

I checked it out with Microsoft Teams.

(6月 is not Jun. it means June. hahaha…)

My English skills aside, I can confirm that the audio can also be translated in zoom and Teams.
Google Meet also works in your browser, so it’s possible.


We showed you how to add translation features using a common application called PowerPoint. The accuracy of the translation is sometimes subtle, but I think the accuracy of the translation will increase in the future. If you’re not good at English, you may want to try using it as a supplement.




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