How to display real-time automatic captions or subtitles to online events with PowerPoint and OBS. Furthermore, it displays real-time translation.

Jun Kudo
4 min readMay 8, 2020



If you want to add real-time automatic captions or subtitles for online events, or if you’re not good at other languages but want to send it overseas, we’ll introduce a good method. It also helps to improve accessibility for the hearing impaired.

How to put real time subtitles by using PowerPoint and OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). And here’s how to translate and display it in real time.
(It is written as OBS, but it can also be used with other distribution software.

Translated with (free version)

This is how OBS virtual cameras can be applied to Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

It’s also limited to those who can use PowerPoint Online, and it’s not free for Microsoft365 (formerly Office365) users only.

Take advantage of the subtitle and translation features in PowerPoint Online.
The fact that it can be used regardless of whether it’s a Windows or Mac is a big point.

You’ll also need a dual display or virtual display emulator (I think I can do that). It is important to note that one screen is occupied.

What I wrote about PowerPoint Online only is available in some versions.

PowerPoint Settings

In this article, the speaker speaks Japanese. And we use the ability to translate it into English. Read it by replacing the speaker with English, for example.

Create an empty presentation in PowerPoint Online.

Please refer to the following for the English UI and settings.

Then open the slideshow.
Open “Always use subtitles”.

(Sorry, The UI is Japanese Interface.)

Set Japanese as the speaker’s language.
(English speakers choose English.)

Set Japanese as the subtitle language.
(If you want to show English subtitles, select English.)

If your browser asks for permission for a microphone, I will allow it.
This is the only configuration for PowerPoint.

It is displayed in a slideshow. The last page should be good because it will be full screen black.
Subtitles are shown below.

(I speak Japanese.)

Next, set the OBS.

OBS Settings

Add a window capture and select the browser in which the PowerPoint is displayed.

Move the cursor to the red border at the top and drag it while pressing and holding down the Alt key to adjust the display range.

Roughly, two lines should be a good range to be displayed.
(I speak Japanese.)

All that’s left is to combine it with other sources.

Display in real time translation

It can also be translated and subtitled in real time.
Just set the subtitle language to English.

This is what it looks like when combined with an actual video source.

There are other languages that can be translated into, so it’s a good idea to use them.


This is a delivery method that applies the useful functions of PowerPoint.
Although it is written as OBS, it can also be used for other distribution software.
It can be achieved with a very simple configuration, so why not make use of it?




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